Dogs Out Of Control
Civil proceedings can be taken against the owner of a dog that presumed dangerous and not kept under proper control.
Dangerous Dog Control
Dangerous Dogs
To determine whether your dog is a banned breed an expert will require an assessment.
Dangerous Dogs
Dogs Not Under Control
The Police cannot order a dogs destruction, only a court order. Get advice from our legal team immediately!
Dog Destruction
Change Exempted Dog Owner
The law on this has recently changed there is only 2 specific situations where change of ownership is accepted for exempted dogs.
Dog Ownership
Dogs Worrying Livestock
An offence is committed by the owner or the person in charge of a dog if it attacks or chases livestock.
Dogs & Livestock
Previous Cases
Click here to see some of the dogs that we've helped in the past.
Previous Cases
Banned Breed Court Cases
We wanted to take a few moments to celebrate some happy endings for dogs we’ve defended at court and saved from destruction.
Court Cases
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  • Dogs Out Of Control
  • Dangerous Dogs
  • Dogs Not Under Control
  • Change Exempted Dog Owner
  • Dogs Worrying Livestock
  • Previous Cases
  • Banned Breed Court Cases
  • The Story of Spud and Taz
    Spud and Taz spent many months in police kennels for being a banned breed. Their responsible owner and her son had both dogs since they were pups. Both dogs are gentle and obedient and live alongside a Labrador, they have never caused any problems. Spud and Taz were initially sentenced to death until a crown court judge ruled that both of these lovely dogs could be returned to their owner. Spud and Taz are now back home with their family where they belong.

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  • The Story Of Bess Chloe and Kia
    On the 27th March 2014 22 exempt dogs were killed by Merseyside Police due to alleged invalid insurance policies. Unfortunately, Bess Chloe and Kia were 3 of these dogs taken from their owners and killed by Merseyside police. Each dog had originally been carefully assessed by an expert which concluded that the dogs were not a danger to the public. Merseyside police took the law into their own hands on the 27th March they illegally sentenced all 22 dogs to death. On the 10th December 2015 at the high Court the final stage of judicial review was heard into the seizing and destroying off 22 friendly exempted family pets. These dogs were removed by force from their distressed owners whose homes were raided by Merseyside police, their crime was late renewal of a £25.00 insurance policy. Owners begged pleaded and offered to pay the money as they were unaware their policy’s had expired many insured their dogs there and then to no avail. Each friendly dog including Bess, who is 10 years old and deaf, was lead to their death. In court the judge ruled that destroying these dogs was unlawful and that the police case was hopeless. A formal apology was made on behalf of the chief constable however this does not bring back the 22 dogs whose lives were lost that day.
  • The Story of Monkey
    Monkey is the perfect companion, people adore him even though he has to be muzzled in public (because of his breed) he still gets stopped and cooed over all the time. Monkey loves people and when I had the house full of builders during the summer time he was in his element. His temperament is just so lovely, he is friendly and gentle, everybody who meets him falls in love with him. Monkey goes to a dog trainer’s house when I am travelling and he loves his stays there. Monkey has learned how to properly interact and play with other dogs – under supervision he now loves to play with his friends.
  • The Story Of Stripe
    On 14th June 2015, my dog Stripe was accused of charging through a neighbour's fence panel and biting my neighbours arm. Although very out of character for my dog, I was in work and had no idea until I returned home, so could not really have an input as to what may have happened. On 16th June 2015, Merseyside police arrived at my property and seized Stripe under the dangerous dogs act, the reason for this was because I have children under the age 16 years living in the house. I was asked by the police to attend the police station to be interviewed about the incident and was accompanied by Kate Welch from Parry Welch Lacy solicitors. Following interview, I was charged by the police for being the owner of a dangerous dog and stood trial at Liverpool crown court around six months later. Following excellent representation I was found not guilty by a jury, the judge ordered that myself and stripe be released immediately. It was seven days later that I was finally reunited with Stripe. I would highly recommend Perry Welch Lacey to anybody in my situation
  • The Story of Cornelius
    Cornelius was initially seized by the police a few years ago as he was accused of being a banned breed. Cornelius was deemed exempt after numerous assessments. His owner was recently sent to prison and Cornelius was living with a friend. When the police became aware of this they seized Cornelius again and put him in police kennels. The owner was charged with abandoning a dangerous dog. Before the case went to trial the CPS realised they did not have a case against the owner as a result the case was discontinued.
  • The Story of  Bear
    Bear is a 2 year old Alsatian who was seized by the police on the 12th July 2015 for allegedly jumping on a neighbour causing him scratches to the back. Bear had managed to escape from the back garden of the property he lives at and had been around the front of the property when the incident occurred. Bear was seized for many months before his owner appeared before a crown court judge. Following the hearing Bear was returned to his owner.
  • The Story of Ruger
    Ruger was seized on the street by St Helens council for being an alleged banned breed. After being taken away from his family for many weeks he was transferred to Merseyside police without his family’s knowledge. His owner was extremely distressed as she did not know where Ruger was or what was happening. Despite numerous calls and letters, initially St Helens council refused (quite wrongly in our opinion) to provide us with any information on Ruger. It was only after a threat to Judicial review the councils actions that we were updated as to Rugers whereabouts and that he was safe. After being thoroughly assessed by Merseyside police it was determined that Ruger was not a banned breed, as a result he was returned to his very happy owner. It is extremely important that if you are the joint owner of a dog to have your name added to the registration documents.

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