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Fourteen people whose dogs were killed by Merseyside Police cleared of danger dog charges
Dogs Killed By Merseyside Police
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Merseyside Police face legal challenge over destroying dogs seized in crackdown!
Merseyside Police Legal Battle Over Dangerous Dogs
Merseyside dangerous dog raids: Police acted 'unlawfully'!
Merseyside Dangerous Dog Raids
Police pet killing DID break the law!
Police Pet Killers
High Court Finds Dogs Unlawfully Killed by Merseyside Police
High Court Dangerous Dog Ruling
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Christmas Opening Hours

PAWS Christmas Opening Hours

Our emergency helpline for canine-related incidents (0151 480 4330) will be open 24 hours a day over the Christmas period. If you are busy with another case, please leave your name and number and we'll get back to you as soon as we are able. You can also contact us by email or on Facebook.

The office will be open until 1pm on Friday 21st December. We will then be open on the 27th, 28th and 31st December between 9:30 am and 1pm. We will be open as usual from Wednesday 2nd January.


We wish you and your pets a very happy Christmas and a lovely new year!

Bella came into the office this week while her brother Benny was visiting the vet. Bella belongs to Jess, Jess and her partner rescued Benny and Bella from Carla Lane Animals In Need. They cause mayhem, when they come into the office but they are a lot of fun. 

Bella is such a lovely little girl she is what you could call a lapdog. She loves to sit on everyone's lap and loves to be fussed.

Here is a few photographs of Bella in the office getting a lot of attention. 




Our advice to owners is do not wait around, instruct a solicitor straight away. We have had some fantastic outcomes in the past week.

Have a read below of some of the cases from the past week. All the dogs have been or are being returned to their owners without the need to go to court.  We believe that being instructed at the first opportunity can make quite a difference to a case. 


BUSTER - Buster was seized by police as Pitbull type and found Not type and returned home without the need to go to court


SHAM- Sham was seized by police as a Pitbull type dog. After an assessment she was found not type. She was returned to her owner without the need to go to court 


CHAZ- Chaz was seized by the police as a suspected Pitbull type dog. Following an assessment she was found not type and allowed home without the need to go to court 


SOX- Sox was seized by police following an incident with a police officer. Following interview it was agreed that Sox could be returned home without proceeding to court. 


TARA- Tara was involved in a altercation that was reported to the police. After instructing us at the earliest opportunity it was agreed today that this case could be dealt with out of court.