We are a specialist firm of solicitors which specialises in all aspects of dangerous dog legislation in both the civil and criminal courts. Based in the North West of England, we accept instructions from anywhere in England and Wales.

We have a proven record of success in getting seized dogs returned home and in challenging assertions by the police that dogs are prohibited dogs and have succeeded in challenging the unlawful destruction of dogs by the police in the High Court.

The Team

The PWL Team

Our dog law team are all dog owners who understand the effect the seizure of a dog and the threat of destruction can have on a dog’s owner and their family. We work hard to ensure that you get the right outcome in your case as quickly as possible.

As part of our commitment to ensuring dogs are returned we have an excellent panel of expert assessors, advocates and police station representatives who work with us to ensure that we can help 365 days a year no matter where you are in England or Wales.

Our Commitment

We are committed to ensuring access to justice to as many people as possible and for that reason we have retained a contract with the Legal Aid Agency to enable us to offer legal aid where it is available and our clients are financially eligible. Where legal aid is unavailable we are committed to work with clients to find the right funding solution for them.

We operate a 24-hour emergency telephone service also respond to emergency contacts by email or twitter.

Our focus and specialist expertise in relation to dog legislation is widely recognised and you can find out more about what our clients think of us by visiting our Facebook page. Or why not send us feedback about your experience with our services by clicking here.

James ParryJames Parry

James is solicitor advocate and partner in the practice who specialises in dangerous dog law and court practice and procedure. He is noted as a robust advocate who is prepared to confront and challenge police misconceptions about dangerous dog legislation. James is known by our clients to be approachable and an effective advocate who achieves excellent results and by his opponents to be a tenacious and competent lawyer. He was described by Dogs’ Today magazine as a “special breed of lawyer”. James conducts cases as an advocate in the magistrates’ and Crown Court.

James is currently the Chair of the Law Society’s Criminal Law Committee. He is actively opposed to breed specific legislation. He has two dogs, a Lancashire Heeler and a Labrador.


Kate Welch

Kate is a solicitor and partner in the practice who specialises in dangerous dog law. Kate has particular experience in preparing cases for hearing in the Crown Court and in defeating police applications for costs.Kate Welch

Kate was the lawyer who prepared the case of an ill-treated dog which was rescued by the RSPCA only to be found to be type and to be threatened with destruction. Kate’s involvement with the case led to Missy being exempted to a former owner, despite objections from DEFRA.

Kate is known by her clients and opponents alike as a formidable magistrates’ court advocate who fights hard to get the results her clients want and has a record to match those expectations.

She too is the owner of two dogs, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and a Yorkshire Terrier.


Leah Partington

Leah is the firm’s senior clerk and office manager. Leah is a member of CILEX is currently in the final stages of her studies to become a Legal Executive.Leah Partington

Leah manages her own caseload here at Parry and Welch Solicitors; she has a comprehensive knowledge of dog legislation and expertise in dealing with the police and local authorities to track down dogs, ensuring that cases are progressed quickly and dogs are returned home without proceedings wherever possible.

As an owner of two Staffordshire bull terriers, Leah understands the pressure owners face when their dogs are seized by the police or are accused of being dangerous.

Leah’s great skills are in gathering all necessary information from our clients and keeping them in the picture on the way in which their case will progress, as well as taking fast and robust action to prevent dogs being unlawfully destroyed and ensuring that any legal proceedings are started as quickly as possible.

Leah works hard to ensure that you have access to our panel of expert assessors and barristers so that your dog is assessed and your case runs smoothly from start to finish. She can also assist you with funding enquiries. Leah is very passionate about bull breeds and is a supporter of BSL.